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55 reasons she is single

I have a friend who shall remain nameless. She was lamenting the fact that she doesn't have a boyfriend. Then she shared her list with me. I present the list with her permission (including the subject line), without comment and under the condition that she remain anonymous. Feel free to comment away as she is rather curious to see people's reactions. Also feel free to point others to this list as she wants lots of comments.

  1. Makes me laugh
  2. Sense of style. Own sense of style, not a clone.
  3. Not a picky eater, but can appreciate fine dining.
  4. Knows how to order wine or wants to learn.
  5. Enjoys microbrews and PBR.
  6. Likes the outdoors, rainy days, walks.
  7. Surprises me with trips, picnics, daytrips - plans everything but still spontaneous.
  8. Creative type (architect, artist, musician, chef, etc.)
  9. Open-minded, no prejudices, stereotypes.
  10. Keeps porn collection to a minimum.
  11. Romantic, but not cheesy (no teddy bears, bad poems, etc.)
  12. Not too religious (knows about different religions, theories, history)
  13. Likes dinner parties, bbqs, cocktail parties, picnics, house parties. Can act appropriately in any situation.
  14. Takes good care of his pets.
  15. Not afraid of a movie with subtitles.
  16. College educated, well-read, but not pretentious.
  17. Showers regularly, doesn't stink.
  18. No kids/or an excellent father. Takes responsibility.
  19. Doesn't like Grateful Dead/Phish.
  20. No air guitar.
  21. No mustaches (unless with goatee or beard), mullets, ponytails, waxed eyebrows.
  22. Would rather play sports than video game version.
  23. Won't make fun of my guilty pleasures.
  24. Will try to enjoy my guilty pleasures.
  25. Has a nice smile, good teeth.
  26. Will let me paint his toenails.
  27. Will bring me breakfast in bed.
  28. Knows how to buy presents; won't ask me what I want.
  29. Will let me decorate the apartment/house.
  30. Takes control in the bedroom.
  31. Will spend entire day in be with me, order in food, watch movies, etc.
  32. Likes his steak medium rare.
  33. Has realistic and unrealistic goals.
  34. Has a hobby/passion (at least one)
  35. Likes to go camping, knows how to set up tent, fire, etc.
  36. Has a car.
  37. Doesn't drink and drive.
  38. Will let me get drunk and not make me feel guilty.
  39. Bad boy outside/good guy inside.
  40. House/apartment doesn't look like a college dorm/frat house.
  41. Shuts bathroom door when using bathroom.
  42. Washes hands after using bathroom.
  43. Never bring food into bathroom.
  44. No fingernail/toenail clippings in living room.
  45. Not a disgusting slob.
  46. Not a clean freak.
  47. Takes care of bills/financially stable.
  48. Not cheap but lives within his means.
  49. Knows how to fix cars or at least knows what's wrong and how much it costs to fix it.
  50. Takes out the trash.
  51. Will go to grocery store with me if asked.
  52. Doesn't like fake breasts.
  53. Doesn't constantly quote movie lines.
  54. Will hug me in public/hold hands. No groping or honking.
  55. Must like cats.
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