Watch for Ice

Sick and amused


I'm sick. I thought I wasn't. I was wrong. This is very annoying because I rarely get sick and here I am, sick twice in the past couple of months.


In other news, remember Matthew Shepard? He was beaten to death because he was gay. Apparently, quite a few people are using google to look for Matthew Shepard autopsy photos. It's a bit of irony that many of them find my anti-discrimination essay instead.

Update: make that "very" sick. Damn.
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ohnoohnoohno. hurry up and get well, meester. are you running yourself ragged? i always get sick when i'm uber-worn out. feel better soon! i want you to be up and at 'em for saturday, and germ-free...'cause i don't neeeds it, hobbitses.
It's always about you, isn't it? :)

I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow morning. Hopefully things won't get too bad.

And yeah, it might be from running myself ragged. I've been doing a lot of work at work and a lot personal work at home. Keeps me busy :/
Ah bro...
Hope you get better quick! I'd make you some chicken soup if I were there! Hugs and such, take care.
Man, tis the season. I've caught 3 colds in the last 6 weeks. I never get sick. Lack of sleep and lots of stressful activity. bleh.

hope you feel better! i want that feces you fling at me to be fiberful and healthy!
Hope you feel better soon. So many of my friends are ill at the moment, must be the time of year or something.
Thanks for the link to the essay, I haven't ever read a piece of your writing before outside of lj. I bookmarked it. Mind if I share it during a Gay Straight Alliance meeting at school?
Sorry to hear you are sick again.

**hugs** from a distance so that I don't catch
I've been sick all month, so I sympathize. :( Get better soon.

And autopsy photos? wtf?