Totally amazed

As many of you know, I grew up with my sister and I found out in the early 90s that we have a brother, Lewis, who lives in the UK. After searching for years, I found him and we get along famously.

Today I found out I have another sister. She's from (and in) Scotland. We had already heard there were more out there, but this is my first confirmation. I've her name and email address. More later.

Update: I just got off the phone with my father. I've another brother, too.
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That is so wonderful hun! I definitely know what that is like. Last year my dad found his four kids that his ex-wife took off with. I have spoken to my oldest brother and sister but I just talked to one of my other two brothers and he said he was just recently told about me. There is still one more but he lives with my dad's ex wife. They seem more excited than I am!!! Since my mom's son's here are both dead and I have not spoken to my sister in over ten years it is nice having siblings out there-even though they live in Rhode Island and Boston which is rather far away.
Are you sure this is it? Is Dad doling them out one at a time just to keep you guessing?
No kidding! I can imagine this must be incredibly exciting for you, but also a bit unnerving. I'm so curious as to why their existence hasn't been revealed until now.

Good luck!

i am yr sister

thought it was time to let the cat out of the bag ;j
That is exciting to be finding all of these siblings. I wish you the best of luck with building these new relationships.

So you now have two sisters and two brothers. Wow, your family is growing fast. How old are they all?
Well, my brother Lewis (the one I've known about for a few years) is in his late 20s, the sister I grew up with is 42, my new sister Lynne is 37 and my new brother Greg (or Gregory, not sure which) is about 35.

I've now swapped email with Lynne and my Lewis has spoken with her and I hope to get in tough with Greg soon. We'd actually like to have a reunion (well, first meeting for most) soon.
Wow C, you find siblings like some find lost socks... this is so cool! Can't wait to hear more about him and her. :)