New Personal Blog

I'll still posts links to my other blogs here, but I have a new personal blog at Of course, I still have the main expat blog at, but I've been wanting a personal blog again. Now I have one.

I didn't jump start my LJ because, as much as I've loved it here, it's dying. My friends are leaving and I haven't had a serious post here in quite some time.

In less than brilliant planning, I managed to have my introductory "Who the hell is Ovid" post after my How the Record Companies Can Survive post, but hey, shit happens.

I don't think most folks will care for the record company post, but I explain how the recording industry can retool itself to face the challenges of the Internet age. That's why I have a personal blog again. I'm tired of being constrained to only expat or technical issues. It feels good to again have a blog where I can say "fuck" and not worry about it.

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