I'm in Hell

I don't believe it. When I first flew over here, I landed in Dublin. I went through customs and when I got to London, I immediately called to check in with the Home Office (a branch of the British Government, basically), to let them know I had arrived. You see, when you arrive on a work permit, they have to have an officer on hand to verify all of your paperwork. They didn't have one at my entry point at Heathrow because I had already cleared customs in Dublin and was at the domestic flights entry, not the international flights entry.

I asked the gentleman on the phone who I needed to check in with and he said he didn't know. Since I cleared customs in Dublin, he thought that was all I needed to do.

He was wrong.

Two police officers arrived at the hotel today. It appears that they finally noticed I hadn't checked in and I'm now an illegal alien. I have 18 hours left in England and then I have to catch a plane back to New York (they're paying for it, so I can't even go back to Portland!)

They say it's just paperwork and I can reapply once I'm back in my home country, but not only do they have no idea how long that will take, they don't even know if my time in country will count towards my residency requirements :(

Now I have to call my work. They don't know that I'm not coming in tomorrow. I can't fucking believe this. I have to get packed like mad and then figure out what the hell to do once I arrive at JFK airport. My entire life just got royally fucked.
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Please please please tell me that this is your April Fool's joke.
Good thing I can't get my hands on you!! You little brat! And yea I can still hold my own! LOL
You're 3 hours too late for April Fool's Day! At least, you are if you really are still in the UK...
Brat. You were kidding, right???? please. Tell me you were kidding!!!!
Nice one. And, yes, meeting up would be good, especially now that you are a mere bus-ride away :)
Tempting, but currently impossible.

I will be visiting Portland this summer, so it looks like I am a city behind.
Oh gods, you got me too. Best april fool's post ever! (As evidenced by the fact that I'm still not 100% certain it IS an april fool)
Yup, it was a joke. And I saw in your journal the (almost) good news about SpaceX. I need to keep up with this stuff more!
I don't pay attention to dates that much, so you had me going (although the bit about clearing customs in Ireland didn't make sense), then I saw today's date

hahahaah good one!!
Re: hehe
The bit about clearing customs in Ireland is one of the true bits to the story. Everything is true up to the two policemen arriving. After that, it's bullshit.
hahahahaha! I was cringing and crossing my fingers when I clicked the "read comment" link.

dork. :P
I'm so sorry for you. I will send you my entire fortune if it will help your situation in the least!
Dude. I almost called my best friend in NYC to see if he would put you up. Solidly played.
God damn it...
You got me :-) In my defence I didn't read it until today :-)
*sigh* ... if only it were true.

I'd have somewhere to crash in NY then, plus I wouldn't have to put up with you every day.
Hilarious. I forgot it was April Fools and just thought-- WOW. HE'S LYING. BUT WHY? Hahaaha.

I don't suppose there is any chance you will be at the Whitby Gothic Weekend at the end of the month? One of these days we should meet up. (I'm a friend of aleeka's who is also and American living in the UK) The first round is on me.
Regrettably, no, I won't be there. However, I'd still love the chance to meet up at some point. And if the first round is on you, I'll take a double Laphraiog, thank you :)
Hehe. You have good taste.

If you get the next round then I'll have a double Ardbeg.

How far are you from London?
Looks like you have good taste in Whiskey, too. It's a deal!

I'm based in Stockley Park, just north of Heathrow. My hotel is in Hayes (ugh) and I have to have a flat no later than May 11th. It will probably be near Bayswater (which is a couple of minutes away from Paddington).
I live in Hanwell. I think that's not too far from Hayes. I live off the Uxbridge Road, between Southall and Ealing.

My email is allyshaw at mac dot com. Let me know if you are coming into town that way and I'll go up to the off license and get some Laphroaig! My flat is nice-- I live near a canal in a converted church. You should stop by and we can trade ex pat stories.
You got me good!
Given that I've finally got around to reading LJ 5 days after April Fools day, I read that and felt incredibly sorry for you. Now I'm full of relief and feeling a wee bit of a sap.

You evil bastard - totally suckered, not least because I'm reading this way after April Fools due to being offline for my house move. I was even working out who I still knew at Customs. :P